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We built the tools, spent the ad dollars, and recruited top industry talent. Now, we’re sharing the N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP) with you.


We automate creative management so that you can focus on your app.

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We prove marketing spend profitability and provide you with a scorecard.

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We offer an expert publishing team to sky-rocket your app growth.

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The Platform

A technology-first approach to user acquisition

The NSP Portal provides real-time data, direct access KPIs, predictive analytics, and player segmentation data.

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[GDC 2020] UA Marketing Predictions: How to Prepare for Radical Change by Dan Barnes, N3TWORK Inc.

| Blog | No Comments
Performance Marketing as we know it is changing radically. Developers & Marketers are going to need to learn how to do more with even less data than before, thanks to…

Forget everything you know about Performance Marketing

| Blog | No Comments
Within the next 18 months, Performance Marketing as we know it will undergo a radical change. Decisions that were previously informed by user level data at scale will soon be…

Measuring and Improving Social Health in Mobile Gaming Communities

| Blog | No Comments
Rachel Zhang, Julian Runge, Hernan Silberman, James Marr, Katherine Kiourellis, Mark Williams, Dan Barnes “Man is by nature a social animal.” These words are thousands of years old and as true…
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