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N3TWORK partners with mobile app developers to scale businesses by providing user acquisition technology, expertise and capital.

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The Cutting Edge of User Acquisition

N3TWORK’s Scale Platform is a partnership program for game developers that leverages the automated mobile user acquisition technology behind the global success of the hit puzzle-RPG, Legendary: Game of Heroes. It has allowed for the deployment of tens of millions of dollars per year against mobile marketing at scale without degrading ad performance or in-game user economics.

The N3TWORK Scale Platform allows you to partner with N3TWORK to scale your game using our technology, capital, and expertise without giving up equity in your business or building sophisticated user acquisition infrastructure.

The Scale Platform allows you to focus on making and running an exceptional game by automating the creation and optimization of mobile advertising, including:

  • Aggregation of marketing data and calculation of segmented, projected lifetime customer value metrics
  • The creation of interactive ad creatives
  • Deployment and management of ad campaigns
  • Analysis and performance measurement required to efficiently deploy marketing budget at scale.

Unified Platform

Mobile advertising is complex and fundamentally different from creating mobile content. The steep learning curve for mobile advertising prevents many content creators from scaling great, marketable products. Our team and tools work seamlessly together to allow you to focus exclusively on making and running an exceptional game.

Data Aggregation and Predictive Analytics

Historical performance data is used to automatically create bid recommendations for campaigns. At the end of the process the campaign’s performance is aggregated by Agamemnon and used to update performance models for future bid recommendations.

Automated Creative Creation and Testing

Draper can produce hundreds of video variant Ad Creatives to support the campaign in just a few hours.

Bid Automation

Bid recommendations and ad creative are sent to Brewster, which creates ad campaigns programmatically across various advertising channels and optimizes those campaigns to performance goals.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Cavendish tracks and forecasts the spend and ROI on ad campaigns. This transparency allows for real-time action. This increases the potential to spend and decreases decision-making time when it counts.


Join The N3TWORK Scale Platform

Step 1

Fill in your details -- if we think there’s a good fit, we’ll reach out to collect some more information about you and your app.

Step 2

We’ll run performance marketing campaigns on your app and share the results with you. N3TWORK pays for this marketing test with no strings attached. You don’t have to repay any costs, even if we decide not to proceed with a partnership.

Step 3

If the results from the test are promising, we’ll work together to figure out the terms of a publishing partnership.