Make your game a winner

Without a way to affordably find, reach and retain profitable players, even the most creative game can fail. That’s why we created NSP.

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Your game is about to perform better with NSP

The N3TWORK Scale Platform (NSP) is a proven suite of creative, automation and insights tools designed to handle all of your performance marketing needs — without hiring a single MBA.

  • Aggregated marketing data and analytics
  • The creation of interactive ad creatives
  • Deployment and management of campaigns

Find the right players

Don’t waste time and money chasing after the wrong people—use NSP to locate the players most likely to fall in love with your game.

See what works

By automating advertising creation and deployment, NSP ensures you’re speaking directly to your most valuable players with messages that resonate and directly drive conversions.

Rinse and repeat

As your game grows, NSP scales with you, allowing you to maximize profits without adding overhead.

From pilot to partnership

  1. Create an account
  2. If there’s a good fit we’ll run up to $10,000 worth of performance marketing campaigns on your game and share the results with you*
  3. Based on the results of the pilot we’ll work with you on the terms of a publishing partnership

*No matter what the results of the pilot are you don’t have to repay any of the costs, even if we decide not to proceed with a partnership.

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