How long is the pilot program?

The NSP pilot program has two parts. First, we spend ten days and $10,000 marketing your game, enough time to gather the meaningful data needed to make an informed decision about your game’s potential. Following the 10 day campaign, we wait an additional week before collecting insights on the cohorts we acquire and finalize the data.

How is the $10,000 spent?

The $10,000 covers a multi-platform marketing and advertising campaign for your game that includes a mix of Facebook, Google, and rewarded videos (RV). We will spend up to an additional $5,000 on original advertising creative production.

Can I use the $10,000 any way I want?

No. The NSP is designed to identify what creative works best and what your users like most. That’s why you came to us.

How do you determine success or failure of a pilot program?

Each NSP pilot program is designed to remove subjective bias and allow your game to shine in the marketplace. Using the past and current success of our games like Legendary and Tetris, we’ve developed battle-tested metrics that focus on CPI and payback windows, among other analytics.

Can I actively monitor the results?

Throughout the test period, you will be able to view the campaign metrics for your game via the NSP portal.

How will I find out if my pilot is successful?

One week after we finish your test campaign and collect the data, we will walk your team through the results. If the physics of your game are great, we’ll discuss potential next steps, including a publishing deal.

The NSP Pilot Program is free no matter what, right?

Correct. Whether we spend $10,000 or not, you owe us nothing.

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